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Can SERVPRO Help Morgan Hill Businesses with Water Mitigation?

11/30/2021 (Permalink)

water leaking through ceiling tiles of a ceiling Water damage can quickly escalate to include mold. Call SERVPRO right away to evaluate the situation and start the commercial water mitigation.

SERVPRO offers a premier water mitigation service to commercial properties in Morgan Hills

One of the biggest problems with unmitigated water damage to any commercial property is the chance of microbial contamination. If water mitigation of your Morgan Hill establishment does not happen fast, it can create a conducive environment for microbes to grow and thrive. SERVPRO restorers use various drying methods in combination with professional water damage restoration products to prevent this from happening. 

The application of antimicrobial agents is not SERVPRO’s primary method of controlling microbial growth during water mitigation of Morgan Hill properties. Since water promotes and sustains microbial growth, the preliminary steps in mitigation are-

  • Eliminating moisture from wet surfaces by controlling humidity, airflow, and temperature 
  • Removing any contaminated material

The restorers focus on speeding up the drying process rather than relying on antimicrobial agents to curb contamination.

Why do SERVPRO techs use professional products during water damage restoration of Morgan Hill establishments? 

SERVPRO restorers use professional water damage restoration products in certain situations in your water-damaged Morgan Hill commercial space. The application of such products after initial water extraction can offer several advantages, including-

  • Control the growth of microbes
  • Make the job site safe for the IICRC-certified technicians to perform their task
  • Help fight odors

The presence of dirt and other organic matter can reduce the effectiveness of the products. Hence, these are applied after the structure is thoroughly cleaned. It is also important to provide sufficient 'dwell time' for the products to perform their functions. 

SERVPRO techs never use antimicrobial agents in occupied structures and without informing the customers.  

Call SERVPRO of Morgan Hill / Gilroy at (408) 500-0657. Our technicians are available round-the-clock to answer any questions you might have.

How Does Flash Flood Damage Get Removed from Morgan Hill Basements?

11/3/2021 (Permalink)

house submerged with floodwater Flooding is a destructive force of nature that happens at any time. SERVPRO is always has a team standing by to handle storm damage.

Extraction and Cleaning are Vital Services After Flooding in Morgan Hill Homes

When flash flooding threatens the area, many homes can be affected simultaneously. With most of the modern houses in the town getting constructed with finished basements and storage areas beneath the primary levels of the property, intruding water can find its way into this lowest level to pool. 

Assessing the Damage to the House

Because of how devastating flood damage in Morgan Hill properties can be, our first action when arriving at overwhelmed basements is to assess the damage. We appreciate all flooding scenarios' health and safety concerns, from infestations, electric shock, and contaminants. We use data to determine the mitigation needs from conditions like:

  • Content damage
  • Safety hazards
  • Structural compromise
  • Extraction needs

The Presence of Standing Water

It does not take long for intruding water to push through foundation walls, cellar windows, or the main floor of the house to find its way to the basement floor. With substantial natural disasters, homeowners could contend with several inches or feet of standing water carrying debris and solids into the structure. 

Clearing Muck and Debris

Wet-vacuuming and shoveling can remove most debris and muck carried in with floodwater after surface water extraction. These solids are directly tied to potential contamination, making removing the bulk of this mess critical to reducing health hazards. 

Careful Cleaning and Disinfection Where Needed

Homeowners appreciate the wealth of disinfecting and biocidal products in our inventory. Surface treatments of framework and lightly impacted materials can prevent more significant tear-out requirements. 

The basement level of your home is a likely place for flood damage to occur when flash flooding overwhelms lower-lying areas in the county. Because of how destructive this invading water can be, you can count on our SERVPRO of Morgan Hill / Gilroy team to respond fast to help. We have mitigating strategies we can begin as soon as you call (408) 500-0657.

A Seamless Process Working on Fire Restoration for Gilroy Home Insurance Providers

10/27/2021 (Permalink)

heavy smoke surrounding smoke detector Fire damage affects all areas of your home, even those far from the blaze. SERVPRO has the tools for complete restoration.

We Provide Effective and Efficient Recovery Solutions to Help Fire-Damaged Gilroy Homes

Fires are a destructive force that can overwhelm your home and your personal belongings. While your first call is likely to your insurance provider to learn about your coverage and options, they reach out to the trusted professionals of SERVPRO to help make this disaster "Like it never even happened." 

When Your Insurance Company Gets Involved

In nearly every sense where fire damage in Gilroy homes occurs, your home insurance provider will get involved. For even odor and light smoke damage situations, filing a claim ensures that the full scope of the damage gets evaluated and restored when emergencies affect your property. Because our SERVPRO team is a trusted vendor for restoration and recovery, we can help get the documentation in place for claims approval to get work started at your residence.

Mitigation and Emergency Services 

With a damage claim approval and the green light for restoration work to begin from your home insurance provider, our SERVPRO team can perform dozens of mitigative actions to protect your property, its contents, and its occupants. Our initial efforts make for a more efficient and cost-effective restoration process from debris removal to air filtration. 

Transition to Build-Back and Repairs 

Our experienced team meets the requirement of insurance providers by offering a range of build-back and reconstruction services. Seamlessly transitioning from mitigation and restoration to repairs and construction helps meet specific deadlines set in place by providers. We can offer an array of helpful services, including:

  • Repair fire damaged building materials
  • Reinstall flooring
  • Reconstruct building envelope

It is likely that after a structure fire, your home is protected under some insurance and coverage. Our SERVPRO of Morgan Hill / Gilroy team can work directly with your provider to meet their specific restoration requirements to keep out-of-pocket expenses to a minimum for our customers. We are available 24/7 at (408) 500-0657.

Why Is Moisture Monitoring Vital for Water Restoration in Morgan Hill Homes?

10/20/2021 (Permalink)

water damaged drywall; water marks on wall around pipe Water damage can be visible or hidden. We have the tools to locate moisture pockets in your home.

Our Professionals Use Several Tools to Track Drying Progress in Morgan Hill Properties

Professionals on our team must use a wealth of equipment to overcome water damage incidents and provide the most efficient solutions to recover your home after an emergency. Our fast response and use of moisture detection devices can help with the placement of drying tools. 

What Are Monitoring Devices? 

We have several advanced pieces of equipment designed exclusively to make water damage restoration in Morgan Hill homes more efficient. We can thoroughly dry after emergencies by tracking water damage on the surface and beyond the visible layer of building materials.

Tracking the Movement of Moisture

Moisture migration is difficult to follow, but failure to find hidden water and moisture in building materials can cause more significant harm. Surface meters and probing moisture detectors can both show how far the water has penetrated materials. 

Identify Hidden Pockets of Water

Using thermal cameras with infrared technology equipment allows our professionals to see where hidden caches of water might be. Damp areas that are unresolved can lead to threatening situations like mold development or structural deterioration. We can track the presence of these water-damaged areas in:

  • Wall systems
  • Ceiling systems
  • Subflooring

Learn When Acceptable Moisture Content Gets Reached

Another one of the advantages of using moisture detection meters is determining the relative humidity levels and moisture content of the specific materials we are looking to restore. For wood flooring, for example, overdrying can be a real possibility. We track the progress of drying until we reach the acceptable range for moisture content. 

When it comes to restoring homes and businesses after water damage, we must rely on several pieces of technology in our inventory to track the movement of moisture and provide accurate information about the progress of drying. Our SERVPRO of Morgan Hill / Gilroy team is ready to help with the restoration your home needs when you call (408) 500-0657.

When Does a Morgan Hill Property Need Professional Mold Remediation?

10/8/2021 (Permalink)

mold growing on the ceiling of a room Did you find mold on your property? Team SERVPRO can help with effective cleanup and remediation as well as treatments to prevent a return.

Morgan Hill Property Owners Rely on SERVPRO for Mold Damage Mitigation Services

It is a common fallacy that only large mold damage problems need professional help. The fact is, whenever mold growth gets found in a Morgan Hill property, it should be professionally remediated. Like many structural issues, it will not get better on its own.

SERVPRO technicians undergo continuing education in the latest mold remediation techniques for use in Morgan Hill properties. The technicians assist residents by finding the cause of the mold infestation and taking steps to eliminate the problem. Common reasons that contribute to mold colony growth and spreading include:

  • Slow leaks
  • Damp crawlspaces
  • Inadequately cleaned previous water damage
  • Poor venting of humidity from baths and showers

When Can Drywall Get Restored After Mold Damage?

Once mold colonies grow on porous objects, including building materials, those articles generally require removal. SERVPRO technicians determine the scale of the spread and cut around it by several inches. This type of controlled demolition action saves homeowners the cost of replacing entire walls and ceilings.

Inhibiting Mold From Returning

Along with implementing measures to keep cross-contamination to a minimum, SERVPRO technicians work with property owners to determine the reason for the mold damage within the structure and give suggestions for the best course of action to remove the issue. Once the area with the mold growth has been dried, the techs spend time cleaning the surfaces with antimicrobial solutions. Treating the places within the property that had mold growth with antimicrobial sealants helps ensure there is no return of the problem.

SERVPRO of Morgan Hill / Gilroy at (408) 500-0657 has the tools and training to assist Morgan Hill property owners with any size mold remediation needed and is available 24/7.

Should Gilroy Business Owners Perform Their Own Water Removal?

10/1/2021 (Permalink)

puddles on the floor of a basement Commercial water cleanup needs to be effective. Call SERVPRO to investigate the extent of the situation and remediate the water damage.

Local Gilroy Commercial Property Owners Rely on SERVPRO for Expert Water Damage Mitigation

When commercial water damage happens in a Gilroy property, inevitably, the business owner starts calculating how much this disaster will cost in terms of:

  • The business being closed during the cleanup
  • Replacement of equipment 
  • Repairs to the building if needed

Those reasons are just the start of why bringing in a professional water removal service to assist Gilroy commercial properties is a good idea. SERVPRO technicians have extensive training in cleanup and restoration after water damage happens in any size structure. Including the removal and safe disposal of contaminated water.

Professional Equipment Gives Professional Results

It would be impossible to give an excellent outcome to a water damage event in commercial properties by using a shop vac and standard consumer-grade fans for drying. Usually, a much more detailed approach is needed. Flood damage, in particular, can raise interior air moisture levels and cause papers and cardboard boxes to soften and sometimes lead to mold issues. SERVPRO techs take air measurements and remove articles likely to be affected by elevated interior humidity.

After the Water Cleanup

Once the water gets extracted, and the building is dried, that is not the end of the mitigation service. SERVPRO techs take air and surface readings during the drying process to ensure that drying goals get attained. Afterward, the team cleans surfaces and moves furnishings back into the same spot they were taken from during the cleanup. This ensures when the business reopens, there will be no issues finding anything. The final step is a walk-through with the client to ensure that all areas of concern have been handled to their satisfaction.

SERVPRO is ready to support local Gilroy commercial properties with any size water removal needed. The trained and certified technicians are available 24/7 to make the damage, "Like it never even happened."

What Equipment is Necessary for Flood Damage Cleanup in Morgan Hill Properties?

9/26/2021 (Permalink)

a flooded bathroom with water everywhere Our technicians arrive on the scene with the know how and the equipment to tackle the flood damage situation at your home. Call right away.

SERVPRO Has Professional Equipment to Clean and Restore Morgan Hill Homes with Water Damage

Water damage from storms can cause as much deterioration to a Morgan Hill structure as a broken pipe or water tank failure. The key element to a better outcome from any kind of water intrusion is to begin the cleanup as rapidly as possible.

Cleaning up flood damage in Morgan Hill residences, SERVPRO techs know people feel displaced and anxious about how soon they can get life back to normal in their homes. One of the best reasons to hand off the cleanup to a professional restoration services company is the access to a myriad of equipment types to handle large amounts of water quickly along with specialized drying equipment such as: 

  • Axial and centrifugal air movers
  • Dehumidification 
  • Specific application drying equipment for floors and small spaces

How Dehumidifiers Assist the Drying Process Post-Storm Damage

A critical part of the drying set up in a home water damage mitigation includes the use of dehumidification equipment. The purpose of a dehumidifier is to reduce the amount of humidity in the air through a process that pulls air from the environment over cooling coils. The lower temperature causes condensation, which the unit collects and ports off-site as it reheats and recirculates hot air into the room.  Flood damage within a structure can significantly raise the interior humidity levels and slow the drying process without the assistance of the dehumidification equipment.

SERVPRO technicians take air moisture readings throughout the work area and set drying goals. The initial scoping of the site assists the techs in developing realistic time frames for drying and determining the number of air movers and dehumidifiers needed to meet the quoted goal. 

SERVPRO of Morgan Hill / Gilroy at (408) 500-0657 cleans and restores properties affected by flood damage in the Morgan Hill area.

SERVPRO of Morgan Hill / Gilroy Can Help Morgan Hill Residents After a Fire Damage Incident

9/7/2021 (Permalink)

a fire damaged bedroom with debris and soot everywhere When fire damage occurs, remediation and restoration is critical. Contact our certified SERVPRO team 24/7 for technicians to help you.

SERVPRO’s Fast Response and Trained Experts Can Protect Morgan Hill Homes from the Aftermath of Fire Damage

After fire damage to your Morgan Hill home, restoring contents is often a less expensive option than replacing them. SERVPRO's restoration experts utilize several cleaning methods to clean a wide range of personal property items during fire restoration. 

SERVPRO IICRC-certified technicians routinely use several cleaning methods, including wet and dry cleaning, foam cleaning, and immersion cleaning during fire damage cleanup in Morgan Hill homes. The method used depends on the ability of the item to withstand the cleaning product and the kind of residue deposited. 

What is Immersion Cleaning that SERVPRO Techs use during House Fire Cleanup in Morgan Hill?

Immersion cleaning is an effective cleaning method for contents in your Morgan Hill home that can withstand being completely saturated with cleaning liquid. During such cleaning, the SERVPRO techs usually completely immerse the item into a bath of cleaning product. In the most basic immersion cleaning procedures, mild agitation with towels or brushes dislodges the soils.

If the smoke and soot are bonded tightly on the item's surface, SERVPRO techs use ultrasonic sound waves to create stronger agitation. These high-frequency sound waves create millions of tiny bubbles by compressing and expanding molecules of the liquid in the tank. Strong vibrations set in as the bubbles implode, producing high temperatures and microscopic jet streams of fluid. Effective ultrasonic cleaning requires proper training and experience and is used only in case of contents that can withstand the procedure during fire damage restoration.   

Call SERVPRO of Morgan Hill / Gilroy at (408) 500-0657; we are available 24/7 to help you.

Does SERVPRO offer Water Mitigation Services for Morgan Hill Homes?

8/28/2021 (Permalink)

a man standing next to his family with buckets in hand to catch the water falling from their ceiling Water damage can occur when you least expect it. Mitigate the situation with a quick call to SERVPRO. Our technicians are standing by 24/7 for you.

SERVPRO Offers Fast and Reliable Water Mitigation for Morgan Hill Properties

Water mitigation of your Morgan Hill home involves activities that minimize the water damage by bringing the moisture level to the preloss condition as soon as possible. Hiring a professional water damage restoration service like SERVPRO can help you protect your home from the aftermath of a water incident. 

Water mitigation of Morgan Hill properties is one of SERVPRO's specialties as we have the training, expertise, and teamwork to get any size job done fast and get it right the first time. SERVPRO techs use our advanced equipment and the latest techniques to get any standing water removed from your Morgan Hill property and get the drying process underway. We also fully clean and sanitize your home during water damage repairs.  

Why do SERVPRO Techs Set up Drying Zones in Your Morgan Hill Home During Water Cleanup?

A drying zone is an area within the water-damaged building where SERVPRO IICRC-certified technicians control humidity, temperature, and airflow to increase the rate of evaporation. It is created by sealing off openings between the affected and unaffected areas by erecting plastic sheet barriers. The drying zones serve two purposes-

  • Help to focus the dry air and air movement on wet structure and materials
  • Provide a location for drying the contents. Contents that are placed in the drying zone can simultaneously be dried with the structure. 

Call SERVPRO of Morgan Hill / Gilroy at (408) 500-0657; we are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to help you. 

Why is SERVPRO a Trusted Name for Restoring Flood Damage to Gilroy Homes?

8/23/2021 (Permalink)

a man sitting on his couch on the phone in his flooded living room Flooded home? Water removal is critical to preventing further deterioration. Contact our SERVPRO team for effective remediation services.

SERVPRO’s Highly Trained Team and Fast Service Helps Gilroy Homes Recover after Flood Damage

Flood damage to your Gilroy home can be an overwhelming experience. Hiring a professional water restoration service like SERVPRO can help you get things back under control. Our highly trained experts will get your home restored “Like it never even happened.”

SERVPRO's staff is IICRC certified, highly trained, and experienced in restoring flood damage to Gilroy properties. Our technicians are also trained in using some of the most advanced equipment in the restoration industry. All SERVPRO technicians strictly follow and comply with the water damage restoration standards set by IICRC. 

Why is a Fast Response by SERVPRO During Flood Restoration Crucial to Gilroy Homes?

It is crucial to start the restoration procedures in some water damage situations such as floods. Floodwater can be particularly invasive and spread quickly throughout your Gilroy property. Furthermore, floodwater is almost always contaminated, bringing with it microbes that can cause significant secondary damage.

SERVPRO understands the importance of time during water damage repairs. The goal of our technicians is to restore as much of the material as possible rather than replacing it. The longer the floodwater sits in contact with the structure and contents, the bigger the damage. Our technicians are available 24/7 and can reach you as soon as possible. After all, We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster.  

Call SERVPRO of Morgan Hill / Gilroy at (408) 500-0657; we are here to help you in your hour of need.