Recent Before & After Photos

Water Leak from a Pipe in Gilroy

Plumbing and failed fittings often lead to water leaks and damage in Gilroy homes. This finished basement housed the washer and dryer units which misbehaved and... READ MORE

Morgan Hill Black Mold Damage Remediation

Mold needs moisture to develop from spores into a damaging event as shown in the ceiling of this Morgan Hill garage. The between-floors space leaked from a PVC ... READ MORE

Gilroy Warehouse/Art Workshop and a Ceiling Leak

The flat roof in this warehouse that doubled as an art center for the creative creatures in Gilroy suffered significant water intrusion. The drop ceiling, holdi... READ MORE

Gilroy Basement Flooding Cleanup

The Before Photo depicts the result left behind from the receded floodwaters. The muck is contaminated, requiring sewage cleanup along with the usual debris-fil... READ MORE

Unfinished Gilroy Basement Burnt Flood Supports

The Before Photo depicts the slightly charred floor joists and beams after a fire in a Gilroy basement. Since the carbonized fire damage was less than 1/4 inch ... READ MORE

Gilroy Water Damaged Ceiling

The drain line leaked and the water slowly seeped through a section of ceiling panels. The Before Photo shows the staining at the taped joints and the hole wher... READ MORE

Why Morgan Hill Residents Rely on SERVPRO

When humidity levels rise above 55-60% for an extended time, mold growth can begin to develop, even in the cleanest house in Morgan Hill. The spotting on the wa... READ MORE

Expos Center Under Water in Morgan Hill

Planned expositions are sometimes arranged years in advance. When an unplanned water line break occurs, the need for emergency water removal and drying is cruci... READ MORE

Rain and Storm Damage in Gilroy

The strong gale-like winds ripped open a section of the roof in this Gilroy home. The fallen debris includes blown insulation and heavy, water-logged ceiling dr... READ MORE

Morgan Hill Fired Ravaged Kitchen

An unattended frying pan can splash hot oil onto the adjoining towels and curtains, immediately starting a damaging fire blaze. SERVPRO can dispatch a crew to t... READ MORE