What our Customers say...

Storm Damage Testimonials

My neighbor’s tree fell into my home and the storm flooded the second floor. I called the best team I know. SERVPRO is a company I used before and will ever time I have storm damage. You were fast and efficient on the job, very impressed.

Just as fast as the flood started SERVPRO was there for the start of the clean up. They had the equipment , know how, and experience for the job. Their technicians were A+ ready for their task at hand.

When SERVPRO started the job. A project manager came to me and explained what I have to do after a flooding. I had no clue about this. I would’ve lost a lot of personal items.

I just wanted to thank you and your great crew for rescuing my possessions from the flood. Just so kind and thoughtful, looking out for my property. I am so relieved and thankful.

When SERVPRO says no job to big they mean it. I thought I lost everything to this storm. I had no clue on what to do. At least I called when I did, the service was fast and my property was saved. I couldn’t be more happier.

The wind damage from the storm caused the tree limb to fly into my home. I had water damage from the storm. SERVPRO swooped right in and handle the job like it was nothing. Thanks a lot for the help.