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Cleaning and Clearing Wastewater and Floodwater from Morgan Hill Homes

6/20/2021 (Permalink)

a flooded kitchen with water everywhere Flooding can destroy both the contents and the structure of your home. Team SERVPRO can help with water removal.

We Have Efficient Strategies for Water Clean Up and Disinfection of Flooded Morgan Hill Properties

Flooding can quickly and completely devastate area homes. Mitigation of these threats begins with efficient extraction and cleaning of contaminated surfaces and contents. Our SERVPRO professionals can respond quickly to help when necessary.

Collection of Standing Floodwater

Extraction and collecting water after flood damage in Morgan Hill homes can involve many powerful tools in our inventory. When safe and controlled disposal of gathered water is necessary, extractor trucks in our Green Fleet play a critical role. Not only do the pumps attached to the engine in these machines provide the most consistent and powerful extraction solutions, but the truck can also serve as temporary storage to transport collected water to the appropriate disposal point.

Proper Disposal of Flood and Wastewater

The appropriate disposal of wastewater and natural floodwater requires specific licenses and permissions our SERVPRO team has secured to safely and legally dispose of hazardous waste. Often we can use our extractor trucks to transport gathered wastewater to a disposal point in the sanitary sewer system accessible to our Green Fleet or a treatment facility serving the area.

Drying can involve many of our leading instruments as well. This is often a combination of:

  • Air movers
  • Desiccant dehumidifiers
  • Floor drying mats
  • Portable heaters

Our SERVPRO of Morgan Hill / Gilroy team is ready 24/7 to help with post-flood recovery. Call us at (408) 500-0657.

Need Water Mitigation Done in Your Morgan Hill Home? Call SERVPRO

6/4/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Equipment We have the equipment and training to restore your home to pre-damage condition after water damage strikes.

Morgan Hill Residents Rely on SERVPRO for Water Mitigation of Their Homes

Water mitigation of your Morgan Hill property is a job for the professionals. During the mitigation services, SERVPRO technicians focus on extracting the water as soon as possible and taking steps to prevent the water from inflicting further damage to the structure and its contents. 

Dealing with the excess moisture is one of the most important aspects of water mitigation of your Morgan Hill home. The lingering moisture in the air can cause secondary structural damage and even mold. SERVPRO technicians use various dehumidification methods to restore the moisture content of the structure to preloss conditions during water damage repairs. In case of category 2 or category 3 damages involving contaminants, SERVPRO techs take additional steps to prevent contamination from spreading to an unaffected area. 

What Mitigation Steps do SERVPRO Techs Take During Water Cleanup from your Morgan Hill home? 

Water mitigation after incidents such as burst pipes, ceiling leaks, or even flooded basements require proper planning and execution involving the following steps-

  • Establishing engineering controls- Contaminants can easily dislodge and spread to unaffected areas if not contained. SERVPRO techs seal off the affected area with 6-mil polyethylene plastic using special tension poles and tape. Even a decontamination chamber is also set up for the removal of debris. Air filtration devices and negative pressure ensure that clean air enters the affected area, but the contaminated air can't go to the unaffected area. 
  • Removing bulk material- SERVPRO techs remove any solid waste, silt, and debris to limit the secondary damage. Trash pumps are often used to remove water with suspended waste. 
  • Provide humidity control- Technicians use air movers and dehumidifiers to keep humidity under control during the water mitigation process. 

Call SERVPRO of Morgan Hill / Gilroy at (408) 500-0657 for fast and efficient water mitigation services. 

SERVPRO is a Trusted Fire Restoration Company in Gilroy

5/28/2021 (Permalink)

Firemen putting out fire A fire in your home can be very stressful. Let our skilled fire remediation specialists help get your house back to feeling like a home again.

Gilroy Residents can Rely on SERVPRO to Provide Fast and Efficient Fire Restoration of Their Homes.

A fire incident can be a traumatic experience for any homeowner. If you delay the fire restoration of your Gilroy home, you stand to lose much more than what is already lost to the fire. Hiring a professional fire and smoke damage restoration company like SERVPRO can help you prevent further losses and speed up the restoration process. 

Fire restoration of your Gilroy home needs to begin as soon as the firefighters leave the scene. SERVPRO restorers provide prompt services to protect both the loss site and human health. Our immediate objective during fire and smoke damage restoration is- 

  • To prevent fire and smoke to cause additional damage 
  • To provide a safer work site 
  • To prepare the structure for mitigation and restoration

What Emergency Services does SERVPRO Provide During House Fire Cleanup in Gilroy? 

SERVPRO restorers provide emergency services to fire damaged homes in Gilroy to reduce damage and minimize disruption. 

  • Conduct initial inspections- The first job of a SERVPRO restorer is to evaluate the loss site for any health and safety hazards following fire and smoke damage.
  • Boarding up the structure- The structure is properly sealed and boarded to prevent any losses due to intrusions.
  • Drying the structure- It is important to dry any water on the property used to extinguish the fire. SERVPRO experts extract any excess water and set up drying equipment before the fire damage restoration can begin. 
  • Initial cleaning- It is important in some cases when the restoration can't begin immediately. Eliminating the smoke and soot residue can prevent further damage. 

Restoration Experts of SERVPRO of Morgan Hill / Gilroy are available 24/7, Call us today at (408) 500-0657. 

Can SERVPRO Help Morgan Hill Residents in Water Cleanup After a Water Incidence?

5/23/2021 (Permalink)

Flooded room When water takes over part of your home, leave it to the professionals at SERVPRO to make it "Like it never even happened."

SERVPRO Restorers are Experts When it Comes to Water Cleanup in Morgan Hill

It pays to seek professional help from a company like SERVPRO for water clean-up from your Morgan Hill property. If you are not prompt, the water can cause extensive structural damage that can be difficult and expensive to repair. 

SERVPRO experts have years of experience in water cleanup from Morgan Hill homes that can result from several issues, including-

  • Burst Pipes
  • Ceiling Leaks
  • Basement Flooding
  • Sewage Backup

The water damage restoration plan can significantly vary according to the type and extent of the damage. Spotting the water damage early is the key to a successful restoration. The sooner SERVPRO experts can begin restoration, the better. 

When to Call SERVPRO for Water Damage Restoration of Your Morgan Hill Home? 

As a homeowner in Morgan Hill, there are certain telltale signs of water damage that you should never ignore. Some of them include- 

  • Peeling Walls- Walls with excess moisture in them due to plumbing issues tend to show peeling or bubbling. The excess moisture can also compromise the wall's structural integrity, and you should call SERVPRO immediately for water damage repairs if you observe this sign.
  • A Flooded Basement- Water in your basement is never a good thing. If you discover that your basement is flooding, take immediate action and call in the experts. 
  • Discoloration- Discoloration of walls and ceilings almost always indicates water damage. SERVPRO professionals can help you find the root cause of such discoloration and help you get things under control before they get out of hand. 

Call SERVPRO of Morgan Hill / Gilroy at (408) 500-0657 for 24/7 water damage repair services.  

Which Is the Right Way to Deal with Unfinished Surfaces after Fire Damage Morgan Hill Homes

5/5/2021 (Permalink)

flames on hardwood floor Do you know how to restore smoke damaged belongings? SERVPRO does! Call us today!

SERVPRO Uses Advanced Cleaning Methods during Fire Restoration in Morgan Hill

Fire damage such as charring or deep soiling of unfinished structural surfaces or fixtures is both an advantage and disadvantage. The advantage is that it is possible to use aggressive cleaning methods on such surfaces without worrying about ruining finishes. However, the porousness and roughness of such surfaces make most cleaning approaches ineffective.

When addressing fire damage in Morgan Hill homes, SERVPRO seeks ways to combat the challenges posed by unfinished surfaces. Using sophisticated cleaning and deodorizing methods helps combat the issue.

Blast cleaning using dry ice canons or a soda blaster helps reverse smoke damage or light to medium charring. Blast cleaning accelerates a medium such as solid carbon dioxide or sodium bicarbonate in a stream of air. When the medium hits the surface, it disintegrates, removing the foreign matter without stripping off the material.

After getting rid of the soiling, the next stage is to eliminate pungent fire residue smells since odor molecules penetrate deep into porous materials. A method such as thermal fogging helps since it vaporizes deodorizers creating half a micron molecule that penetrate deep into the odorous materials. SERVPRO offers unique solutions for:

  • Fire damage restoration
  • Fire and smoke damage
  • Smoke remediation

SERVPRO of Morgan Hill / Gilroy has extensive experience handling fire damage. Call us at (408) 500-0657.

How Serious is the Water Mitigation Needed in Morgan Hill After A Clean Water Intrusion?

4/28/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO vehicle in front of house When you see our Green Fleet around town, you can rest assures that SERVPRO is available and on the job.

SERVPRO Helps Plan the Best Water Damage Repairs in Morgan Hill Business Premises

When there is a water spill from a clean source such as a burst pipe, you might consider the loss readily manageable since such water does not soil or contaminate materials and surfaces. However, it is essential to consider serious measures to mitigate the damage.

The main issue you might need to address during water mitigation in your Morgan Hill business premises is interference with your regular routines. If you cannot serve customers or your staff cannot work, the lost revenue can pile up quickly. A professional team from SERVPRO helps expedite water extraction or move contents out of the way, minimizing disruptions.

Clean water may not soil materials, but it is still destructive. Extended exposure leads to the deterioration of materials like plaster, drywall, and even metal. SERVPRO technicians have the necessary equipment, including penetrative moisture testers, to establish the level of exposure. We also tailor the mitigation to match the conditions of the loss. For instance, if there is a wet lath and plaster wall or other low evaporative assemblies, a unique drying approach such as heating the material to help lower vapor pressure over the surface can quicken drying.  

SERVPRO technicians also take steps to lower relative humidity, preventing other issues like rusting and mold in the aftermath of:

SERVPRO of Morgan Hill / Gilroy takes any water mitigation process seriously. Call us at (408) 500-0657.

What Is the Best Flood Damage Restoration Service in Gilroy?

4/21/2021 (Permalink)

heavy rain on roof Flood damage? No worries! SERVPRO of Morgan Hill / Gilroy is on the job!

SERVPRO Offers A Full Package of Water Damage Repairs in Gilroy Properties

Although today Gilroy is most famous for its garlic crop, it started as a resort town in the mid-1800s because of the hot springs discovered in the area. It was a chance discovery in 1865 when a Mexican shepherd named Francisco Cantua ventured into the area searching for stray livestock. Cantua filed a squatter's claim shortly after and used the area as a camping ground. A year later, George Roop purchased Cantua's interests, graded the roads, and constructed houses around the hot springs.

The World's Garlic Capital

Unlike any other city globally, Gilroy celebrates garlic production, which is though unusual is justified since Christopher Ranch, the top garlic-producing farm in California, lies in Gilroy. California is the main producer in the country - 90% of the commercial crop in the country comes from this state.

The annual Gilroy Garlic Festival held in July is the main highlight of the city's love for the spicy lily. During the event, patrons can participate in cooking competitions or enjoy a diversity of garlicky foods, including ice cream and bread.

Wine Production Center

Away from the spicy delights, Gilroy is also a destination for wine lovers. It lies in the Santa Clara Valley, one of the oldest wine-producing areas in the country. One aspect that might have escaped many is the different wine tasting rooms in the area. Some of the locations where you can partake in wine tasting in the city include:

  • Calerrain Wines - It is located off the 101 Freeway. Visitors get a chance to sample great wine during weekends, starting from noon to 5 PM. It is part of the unique Cellar Doors setting, allowing one to try up to four wineries in a single location.
  • Aver Family Vineyards - It is located at Soma Way and is open from Friday to Sunday starting from noon. The facility is family and pet-friendly.
  • Church Creek Cellars - The tasting room is located on Center Avenue. Tastings happen twice a month on the first and third weekend of the month, from noon to 5 PM. A visit to the winery affords the chance to explore panoramic views of the 21-acre vineyard.

Even though the city is exciting, it also has shortcomings, such as flooding, especially along Llagas creek, which has persisted for several decades.

What Flood Damage Repair Services Does SERVPRO Offer?

Whenever property floods, a variety of problems arise, including moisture accumulation, contamination, material deterioration, and in some cases, rodent infestation. Taking action to address these issues fast can save the homeowner or insurer a significant amount of money.

When called to address flood damage in Gilroy properties, SERVPRO technicians take different steps to protect the structure and reverse the effects of the flooding incident. Structure protection may involve boarding up or installing roof tarps to seal openings that can allow water or small animals into the house.

Our SERVPRO technicians also take steps such as spraying EPA-registered, broad-spectrum disinfectants directly into inundated areas to control contamination before starting water extraction and drying. With our assistance, you have the best water removal service, and you do not have to worry about finding:

  • Biohazard cleaning company
  • Rodent clean up services
  • Disinfecting companies

SERVPRO of Morgan Hill / Gilroy is the best service to call after flood damage. Call us at (408) 500-0657 for quick assistance.

Does Odor Restoration Include Automobiles?

4/7/2021 (Permalink)

Fire Fire damage can be quite overwhelming when it happens in your home. Call SERVPRO right away after an event.

SERVPRO Can Remove Many Forms of Smoke Damage from the Automobile of your Morgan Hill Home.

Your car may seem like the least of your worries after experiencing a property fire. However, automobiles can sustain significant damage from a property fire, whether because they are close to the source of fire or in an enclosed space like a garage affected by smoke. 

Our technicians are trained to carry out fire damage restoration in your Morgan Hill home and its property. Cars can be challenging to clean due to the large number of recesses where smoke can enter and become trapped. Door cavities, dashboards, and air conditioning systems are often at high risk of exposure following a property fire. While technical damage to the car must be repaired by a qualified professional, SERVPRO technicians can deodorize and clean light smoke or odor problems.

  • Technicians can remove non-salvageable components of the car and directly spray deodorant solvents beneath. 
  • Rubber materials in the car are protected with silicone gel before the operation of an activated oxygen unit in the vehicle.
  • Thermal fogging can also be an effective measure against odors in a car alongside ventilation. 
  • Hydroxyl generation is typically the safest way to exchange pungent compounds into inert, non-offensive products

Combat fire odors in all parts of your home. Contact SERVPRO of Morgan Hill / Gilroy for fire damage restoration at (408) 500-0657.

Can Clean Water Make a Home Unsanitary?

3/26/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Equipment We have the equipment and training to restore your home to pre-damage condition after water damage strikes.

Early Mitigation for Water Intrusion is Vital. SERVPRO Can Help Maintain a Sanitary Environment in your Gilroy Home.

If the water intrusion is not mitigated early, the intruding water can fester and become unsanitary regardless of the source. SERVPRO technicians aim to minimize this issue by using professional products to help slow or stop bacterias and other microbes in the home.

After extraction, products are used to aid water cleanup in your Gilroy home. These products are often applied to a specific area of the house with a particular outcome hoping to be achieved. Applying products effectively typically relies on using the correct personal protective equipment (PPE), dilution, and dwell time.

  • Dwell time allows chemical products to interact with and eliminate potentially unsanitary particles or organisms in a home environment. 
  • Applying chemical products requires the use of chemical goggles, gloves, and, in some cases, respirators to ensure safety.
  • We use Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) registered products in the home environment to ensure standards are met.

Even clean water can deteriorate without early intervention. Contact SERVPRO of Morgan Hill / Gilroy for water cleanup at (408) 500-0657.

Why do Musty Odors Appear in Some Rooms and not Others?

3/18/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO logo If your home is overtaken by mold you need to call the professionals. Call SERVPRO today for remediation assistance.

Musty Odors Can Be a Sign of Mold Growth. SERVPRO Has Expert Mold Remediators for Residents of Morgan Hill

Morgan Hill is an affluent suburb in the San Francisco Bay Area. The exclusive population of 44,686 residents holds close ties with the silicon valley tech infrastructure and economy. Morgan Hill sits on the southern side of silicon valley and is very much a bedroom community for some of the world's biggest tech companies and employees. In Santa Clara County, the city was revealed to be in the top twenty most expensive housing markets in the United States by Business Insider in 2018. Part of the reason for the lucrative housing markets is restricted growth policies by the county legislature and its high-net-worth individuals.

Primarily a residential city and bedroom community, Morgan Hill is still a tourist attraction for those visiting San Francisco due to its Michelin Star dining, hospitality, and wineries. The Spanish first colonized the area during an expedition in 1772. Much of the land in Morgan Hill was redistributed following Mexico's independence from Spain. However, when Hiram Morgan Hill developed the land into a 200-acre ranch, it was not until the nineteenth century that the first urban communities began to spring up. Morgan Hill is an exquisite natural beauty area with sublime mountains, lakes, and hiking trails in the vicinity. The modern economy in the city is primarily luxury hospitality and technology companies, although winemaking and wine tourism remain strong contributors.

  • Prova, on Monterey Road, and Odeum, on Depot Street, are two of the city's Michelin starred fine dining restaurants. Enjoy a selection of the finest produce and wine California has to offer, cooked to perfection by Chefs that have trained under some of the world's culinary masters. 
  • California Passport Tours operates wine tasting sessions and visits to vineyards across Santa Clara Valley. Guests can customize their tours across wineries while staff are exceptionally well-versed in the winemaking process and promise to surprise even the most discerning groups with their selection of tastings.
  • Uvas Reservoir is a prime example of the region's stunning landscapes. The 626-acre state park features a man-made lake that sits at the bottom of sprawling Californian mountains. A smaller creek is ideal for family days out with the kids, while many hiking trails suit outdoor enthusiasts. 

SERVPRO Can Use its Expertise to Reduce Mold Issues without Delay

Mold is a microorganism that thrives with the right amount of humidity, water, and organic matter. While mold can be beneficial, the antibiotic Penicillin is derived from certain mold species. It can also make a home environment unsanitary. SERVPRO can remove existing colonies and restore your indoor air quality using industrial air-filtration devices. By reducing moisture in the background, we can prevent mold from returning. 

  • Air Filtration Devices (AFD) can remove airborne contaminants from a home environment which is beneficial during the dismantling of mold colonies.
  • We can adapt AFDs to operate as air scrubbers, allowing technicians to direct air pressure or create negative air pressure in an enclosed space. 
  • AFDs use a primary filter, pleated filter, and HEPA filter to extract particles as small as 0.3 microns from an indoor environment. 

Get control of mold infestation. Contact SERVPRO of Morgan Hill / Gilroy for mold removal at (408) 500-0657.